It’s gravy baby!

My step daughter, Jekia and her very first batch of homemade gravy!

My step daughter, Jekia and her very first batch of homemade gravy!

Ok, so I tried a new boneless pork chop recipe that was posted one of those food networks sites and the results were not pretty. Not only were my chops thicker than the ones suggested in the recipe but I didn’t exactly have every ingredient and thought that my inner chef could try a little pinch of this and splash of that. Man, was I wrong!

So my ‘super save a cook’ superwoman alter ego jumped in and began to take action! I needed to save my chops and I didn’t have a lot of time. They were literally dying on me.

I remembered that pan searing food always gives it flavor so I picked up my handy-dandy brush and painted the olive oil on both sides of my ‘parched’ chops. I than added a little fresh herbs, coarse salt, and cracked pepper and seared away. Now remember I told you that my chops were a lot thicker than what the original recipe called for so after searing my chops I turned on the oven to 350 degrees. I baked it in my pampered chef clay dish, which by the way is pure awesomeness, with a little bit of water until the inside was completely cooked.

I removed the chops and allowed them to sit on cutting board while I put those juices to work. I made a rouse and added the pork chop juice to it to make gravy. Did I mention that I absolutely love the gravy? Gravy is the king of all editable liquids and I am the queen! So in the end, revising recipes and throwing some gravy in the mix will always save the day!

So for all my food lovers that have ‘world’s worst cook’ tendencies and need some encouragement, do not fret! You are not alone. Remember it’s not the mistake that makes you a terrible cook but what you do to fix it displays your chef-tastic-ness! 🙂

Share with us some of your kitchen disasters! I promise we will laugh with you and not at you!

Try some of this pork chop recipes!

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