Lifestyle Change

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I felt tired all the time and the folds of fat around my belly weren’t exactly making my ’emotional eating’ any easier to relinquish. I can admit that I bounced from one fad diet trend to the next, filling my own head with unrealistic goals. Yes, I lost weight but just to gain it back again and continue on this unbreakable cycle of emotional ups and downs. I know that I am not alone and many women go through this self conscience, never skinny enough, day in and day out disgust of never being the ‘ideal’ size. One day I felt like enough was enough! I was determine to love myself no matter if I meet society’s stereotypical image or not.

Small changes make huge impacts not only on your health but your overall quality of life. I started by getting rid of my love for sugary drinks. Bye bye peach soda! Hello to H2O. I have to admit that was heartbreaking but well worth it. Trading red and fatty meats for more lean meats actually was easier than I thought; not to mention the taste was great. I was a dedicated veggie hater and I planned on having a lifetime membership until I learned how to cook them. The more I ate, the more I got accustomed to the taste and now I am a newly converted veggie lover! I don’t always have time to exercise so I just made small changes like parking further away from the door, taking the stairs, and instead of watching my kids play I joined in.

These small changes have transformed my life because not only have I lost weight but I have kept it off. I have energy and my overall health is better than before. For those of you who are looking to make a lifestyle change share some of your ideas, tips, and tricks!



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