Healthy Alternatives to Chips

Great tips on decreasing calorie intake while satisfying craving!

Satisfy Your Cravings

Everyone gets hungry throughout the day in between meals.  One of my favorite things to snack on are chips.  Whether they are regular chips, sour cream and onion, BBQ, Doritos, Tostitos, or any of the others you can think of, they all are delicious.  However, it is no secret that any kind of chip is not exactly good for you.  Chips are loaded with sodium and have more grams of fat in a serving than we need in something that is just a snack.  The even bigger problem with chips is that once you start eating them, you can’t stop!  When that bag is open in front of you it is almost impossible to have self control and put it away.  Next thing you know, the entire bag is gone.  So, the question is, what can we eat as a snack in place of chips?  Here’s six delicious alternatives to…

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